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Joining the Lumberjack network as a subcontractor is the quickest and easiest way to grow your business. Simply accept jobs that make sense for you, complete the work, and get paid all from the Lumberjack mobile app.
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How it works

Accept Jobs

Our focus is helping you win and retain recurring customers. We handle all the stuff you don't want to - customer quoting, pricing, scheduling, routing, communication, billing, and more. We'll let you know how much jobs will pay and you can decide if they make sense for your business.

Our job matching process is designed to help maximize your profit & productivity by creating the densest route possible.

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Complete Work

Maximize the use of your equipment and time by offloading administrative work to Lumberjack.

Use the Lumberjack Provider mobile app at the job site to view your schedule of jobs, take photos of completed service, see details of your payments.

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Get Paid

Never worry about having to collect payments from customers again. We'll pay you out weekly for each and every job you complete. We'll even automatically collect and remit sales taxes on behalf of your business.

As an added incentive, top performing companies in our network get access to next-day and instant payouts, as well as additional financial services like loans and insurance at preferred rates.

Access all your jobs

Joining the Lumberjack network is the best way to find jobs, win customers, and grow your business.

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