Spring & Fall Clean Up

Minneapolis Spring and Fall Yard Clean Ups

Spring & Fall Clean Ups in the Twin Cities

Fall Clean Up Service

Fall clean up is a yearly yard service that removes fallen leaves from your yard and landscaped areas.

The typical fall clean up season starts in October and is completed before the first major snowfall event of the year. Fall clean ups don't begin until a majority of leaves have fallen from the trees.

Lumberjack's standard fall clean up service includes collection of leaves and debris, mowing, trimming, and blowing. All debris will be hauled away.

Each visit from a service provider typically requires a minimum of 2 hours to complete and sometimes will require multiple visits to ensure all leaves have been removed from your property.

Spring Clean Up Service

Spring clean up is an intensive maintenance session for your yard and landscaped areas that typically occurs in late April or early May.

A company will trim away dead foliage from your plants, blow out leaves and sticks from your garden beds and landscaped areas, and collect leaves and other debris that accumulated on your property over the winter.  

In addition, they will dethatch your lawn, which is when they use a specialized rake or machine to break up and collect part of the thatch layer that built up on your lawn over the previous season.

Spring clean ups are an essential yard maintenance task that ensures your lawn and garden are ready for the upcoming growing season.
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